Word of (Ply)mouth


Smeatons quirky crop

So some top hotel bods have said

That the city that I love

Has to make itself more sexy

If it wants to be a cut above


If by sexy they mean alluring

Then Plymouth’s already there

Offering a mix of lifestyle and location

That’s really pretty rare

Sound from columnade


Everyone has their reasons

Why they’re glad to call it home

So I hope you will indulge me

While I share some of my own


There’s bits of it that are beautiful

And a few that are none too pretty

It’s funny how it often feels like a village

As well as being Britain’s Ocean City


Like the time that you discovered the person you sit opposite

At the office every day

Has a cousin who worked with your auntie

Tracking errant parents down up at the CSA



People who live here are called Plymothians

Or Janners as they’re known

Lucky to grow up so close to the sea

13 miles from the Eddystone


They’ll gather on the Barbican

At The Dolphin or Three Crowns

And they often like to add an S

To the end of proper nouns

Put on whatever event you like

Just do it on the Hoe

And you’ll never be short of Janners

Queuing up to go

smeatons from the ferry

From fireworks to bonfire night

Whether a gorgeous or ghastly day

They’ll be thronging in their thousands

All along Armada Way


It’s the place that brought us Tom Daley,

Dawn French and Larry Speare

And Francis Drake and Charlie Dance

Also came from round here


In the centre is the theatre

Staging old favourites and stuff that’s bold and new

And I’m maritally obliged to mention

That we now have TR2


If you have a few weekend hours to kill

Then jump into your car

You’ll soon hit miles of moorland

Without going very far


When you’re finding emotional equilibrium

Extremely hard to reach

Just head straight to the seaside

You can’t be cross at the beach


With all this on our doorstep

Holidays are quite unnecessary

But if you really feel the need

You can always board a Brittany ferry


Plymouth has two rivers

(neither longer than the Nile)

It also has three constituencies

But there’s Only One Argyle


There are restaurants and bistros

Make your choice, take your pick

From fine dining if you choose to make a night of it

Or Jasper’s if you want it hot and quick

sutton harbour


There’s heritage and history;

Everywhere you look

Are the characters and places

Which inspired Beryl Cook


I moved here because I had to

And I never meant to stay

Now it would take some serious bribery

To lure me and mine away


I mean it’s nice to go to London

For a day or sometimes more

But there’s nothing like the feeling of

Alighting at Platform Four


You’ll wonder why you’d contemplate

Ever living somewhere other

Than where you’re daily asked the question

‘You alright me luvver?’


I’m coming to a close now

So I’ll just leave you with this

Of the happiest UK places to work

Turns out Plymouth is the fifth


But be warned: once bitten by the Plymouth bug

Being elsewhere can leave you quite bereft

And you really have to ask yourself

Why the Pilgrim Fathers ever left


Thank you to Laura Joint for all the lovely photographs I’ve used on this page – you can see lots more here






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