At The Food Bank


Sanctioned. To atone for her sins
She must feed the kids from tins
All gathered by the food bank

Life is less a bed of flowers
When he’s stuck on zero hours
And must rely upon the food bank

Not just your scroungers or your shirkers
But also plenty of your hard-workers
They are turning to the food bank

If food banks themselves could speak:
‘We even fed a nurse this week’

How did it come to this at the foodbank?


In your city, in your street
Are people who can’t afford to eat
Who are in need of the food bank

You do your bit, you donate
Because of you, someone ate.
It’s your good deed at the food bank

Why would anyone vote for a
System to make the poorest poorer?
Thank the lord for the food bank

Cuts both targeted and cruel
Solomonic choice of food or fuel
Faith restored by the foodbank

It’s always worth pointing out
That the one bank they won’t bail out
Is, of course, the food bank

And we’ve only won when we succeed
In negating any need
For recourse to the food bank

Life may be good but even so
There but for the grace of god we go
To the food bank





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