So tonight is Date Night

Pretend-to-like-your-mate night

Distract yourself by getting dressed up to the nines

Grab yourself some us time

Important-topics-to-discuss time

The sorry, short term suture of good food and fine wines

It’s putting-on-a-show night

Don’t-let-anybody-know night

That what you’d really rather be is home on your own

Glasses raised – we do deserve this

It’s our union, let’s preserve this

Nodding as you kill an urge to quickly check your phone

It’s a weekly, woeful test here

“They only serve the best here…”

A forensic dissection of every glass and every dish

There’s some things I’d like to tell you

Things likely to repel you

It’s just easier to bite your tongue and focus on the fish

Talk about anything but the kids, though

And not a marriage on the skids, though

We exchange a multitude of words yet barely, rarely, speak

Unwelcome help to put your coat on

Concealed in each and every proton

A graceless, craven solace it’s over for another week

At The Food Bank

H is For Hospital

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