The world used to be sliced in two

People who don’t bake/ those who do

Bequeathed mixer accused me, sitting

Unused, redundant in the kitchen

Forbidding as a loaded Luger

(Butter, flour, eggs and sugar)


Then, on a whim, I took a risk

And gingerly attached the whisk

Observed a basic recipe

The most pedestrian alchemy

A sponge resulted without a stutter

(Flour and eggs, sugar, butter)


My eye is in, I’m baking blind!

Choux! Meringues! (the Italian kind)

Measure, beat and cream and dredge

Fill each springform to the edge

The genuine article – no bootlegs

(Sugar, butter, flour and eggs)


Via the oven proof comes of care

Hell, I’m almost a boulanger

Be a Buddhist or be a Quaker

I find my peace by being a baker

This quatuorvirate is my higher power

Eggs and sugar, butter, flour


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