Best That We Don’t Know

Not too soon hopefully,
But, you know, a long way down the line
Will it be me at your funeral
Or will you be at mine

Who will place a notice
In the section In Memoriam
Will I be asking people to meet me at the church
Or will you gather them at the crematorium

Will I be making lots of lists
In those dark, unsleeping hours
Or will you be finalising finger food
And sorting out the flowers

Will you be picking out for me
A casket of cardboard or of willow
Or will it be you who first lays their head
On that sempiternal satin pillow

All we know about our funerals
Is we can’t both be at each other’s
So will you take comfort from my lot
Or will I lean upon your sisters and your brothers

Will it be Crass or Primal Scream
Coming from speakers in the corners
Will it be me contacting our friends
Or will you alert the mourners

Who will sit flanked by family
In the front and centre pew
Shoulders shaking silently
Will it be me or you

It’s a hefty price to pay for love
That one or other of us must
Watch as our darling becomes but ashes
Back to earth and back to dust

It’s best that we don’t know in advance
Which of us will draw the shortest of the straws
And whether you’ll be at my funeral
Or I will be at yours



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