I’ve Taken To My Bed

I’ve taken to my bed

It’s a half-harmless hiccup

There’s nothing really wrong with me

I’m just not getting up

It might be easily dismissed as

A momentary malaise

It could last until my final day

Or it may just be a phase

Time is moving quickly

Future, at speed, moves into past

It’s increasingly clear to me

I wasn’t built to last

I’ve been marking time for milk

Hoped there was some honey due

Those platitudes about hanging on

They’re not entirely true

So I’ve taken some steps of my own

To mitigate against the doom

There’s so much less to fret about

When life is lived in just one room

Outside’s a darkening stereoscope

It horrifies and appalls

That’s why I have dropped anchor

Within these four forgiving walls

You can’t predict precisely

When the dromedary’s spine will split

But when and if it happens

Just shrink your world to fit

I’m keeping right on top of things

Still committing tiny treasons

One day I may venture out again

For now I’m running out of reasons










2 thoughts on “I’ve Taken To My Bed”

  1. I really love this. I’m uncomfortably familiar with this feeling and look forward to taking to my bed some day soon #justbecause

    Keep writing your poems, I really enjoy them. Though sometimes I have to look up some of the words as I went to a comprehensive where I learned how to melt a biro in a bunsen burner x


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