My Shiny Things

I set out my stall

Adorned with my best awning

And I set aside a tiny space in front especially for fawning

I laid out all my shiny things

Though some of them were tarnished

I assumed people would buy them if they were expertly garnished

All I had to do was stand there

As the buyers snapped them up

I imagined no-one would notice that they’d been sold a pup

But as the day wore on

My goods didn’t prove as tempting

As I planned and had, in fact, been preempting

Some people showed a bit of interest

But nobody was buying

They said I wasn’t the best advert – that I wasn’t really trying

That my offerings were ropey

When subject to close examination

So more and more of them were resisting the temptation

The crowds were thinning out

I looked in dismay at my precious stall

Hardly anyone had stopped and no-one fawned at all

That day I sold fewer of my shiny things

Than I have ever known

And when the time came to pack  them up I had to do it on my own


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