The 31 to Chalk Farm


Your skin is scented, clean and cool

I know I’m meant to be at school

Not on this ordinary odyssey

Years before our lives unspool

On the 31 to Chalk Farm

My arm is grazing your arm

No sign of what you’d decide to do

There’s little cause for alarm

This is what we’re doing this for:

The route starts from our front door

I begged to ride from World’s End and back

(The 31 doesn’t do this any more)

I long to tell them on the bus

That it’s just the two of us

That I have my mother to myself

I can’t recall what we discuss

We eat, you buy me a silken cap

From the window the clouds are a map

As we begin the journey home

With my head resting in your lap

I don’t properly see London scrolling by

The bus tartan imprints upon my thigh

My heart revels in our proximity

It’s fifteen years until you die

First Time For Everything

He’ll Never Be

My Shiny Things

A Ferry Story

How To Cut A Birthday Cake



A Support

The Library

It’s All There

My Heart Was Never Far Away

I’ve Taken To My Bed


Cheap Crisps

Kerb Appeal

Not Fair

They’re Having An Affair 





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